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Natural Resources Management, LLC (NRM) has been in business since 2007 and is a full service geological & environmental management company providing permitting assistance to the industrial mineral mining industry, site development companies, state and federal agencies and other private residential, commercial and industrial entities.

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We will be attending the Cultivate’19 Conference in July. We will be demonstrating the benefits of the PrO2 pure oxygen delivery system in the horticulture industry. The PrO2 is a revolutionary, patented technology capable of delivering pure oxygen (O2) in a truly dissolved state into a diverse number of waste streams at a small fraction of the cost of conventional aeration methods. Form more information on the PrO2 please click here

Chip Tokar had recently attended the PFAS in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. While their he attended workshops where they discussed the history, chemistry, sampling techniques and current treatment options of PFAS, as well as developing regulatory proposals throughout the country. Over 4,700 PFAS (per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances) exist in the world today. Many PFAS transform into highly persistent perfluorinated chemicals in the environment. Short-chain PFAS tend to be more water soluble and move more easily through soil to contaminate ground-water, surface water or drinking water.