Wastewater Treatment

NRM provides turnkey wastewater treatment systems for industrial, commercial, agricultural, municipal or residential applications.  Through our professional relationship with Greener Planet Systems and Microbial Discovery Group, our team of professionals can provide a performance evaluation of your existing wastewater treatment system or with respect to exploring a new wastewater treatment system that is custom to your wastewater stream.  We specialize in new technologies including molecular dissolved oxygen delivery and custom bioaugmentation because these technologies are constantly being adapted to provide efficiencies and cost savings to existing and newly developed treatment systems.  Please explore these technologies through our partner links and call Chip Tokar directly with any questions at 419-466-9648.


The PrO2 is a revolutionary, patented technology capable of delivering pure oxygen (02) in a truly dissolved state into a diverse number of waste streams at a small fraction of the cost of conventional aeration methods.  Check out the link to learn more about this technology.

Bio Pro Series Products

The Biopro series of products offers a variety of microbial applications to help improve the biological components of environmental treatment systems.  The patented Bio Pro Series products were developed through years of research and development and provide opportunities for significant reduction in operational costs while improving the efficiencies of your wastewater treatment process.