UAV / Professional Mapping Drone

NRM is able to perform the following with the UAV (unmanned aircraft vehicle), specifically the eBee mapping drone:

  • Aerial Surveys and Photography
    • Up to 2,470 acres per flight (Maximum flight time is 45 minutes)
    • Captures accurate aerial imagery and transforms it into 2D orthomosaics (maps) and 3D models for small to medium-sized sites
    • Resolution: can achieve orthomosaic/3D model accuracy of roughly 1.8 inches per pixel – significantly higher than current satellite and manned aircraft can attain
    • Input custom Ground Control Points to ensure the resulting digital terrain models are precisely geo-positioned



  • Stockpile Volumes and Management
    • Cut and fill volumes
  • Up-to-date surfaces for optimized blast designs
    • Pre and post- blast data
  • Exploration Planning
  • Measure extraction volumes
  • Topographic maps, contour elevation intervals up to two feet


  • Drainage evaluation and water management
  • Apply algorithms, like Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), to create a reflectance map of the crops
  • Select a band from the Near Infrared (where high plant reflectance occurs) to calculate the NDVI
  • Biomass Indication
  • Growth Monitoring
  • Crop Discrimination
  • Chlorophyll indication
  • Use the images captured to create high-resolution maps to show which crops need specific treatment and require closer examination, rather than ground scouting. Eliminates possibility of over-treating and unnecessary chemical applications (good for cost savings and the environment)
  • Crop Damage Evaluation

Environmental Management

  • Water elevations
  • Control/management of equipment during construction projects
  • Water flow mapping
  • Contour intervals for topographic maps

Why Choose NRM / Benefits

  • Cloud cover is not a limiting issue due to the altitude at which the drone typically flies
  • No hassle with manned aircraft services
  • Safety
    • Eliminate unnecessary potential for injury in dangerous terrains
  • Quick response time (time from assignment of project to delivery of data to client)

UAV Videos

Takeoff Video

Landing Video