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  1. We are Attending Cultivate’19 July 13-16

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    We will be attending the Cultivate’19 Conference in July. We will be demonstrating the benefits of the PrO2 pure oxygen delivery system in the horticulture industry. The PrO2 is a revolutionary, patented technology capable of delivering pure oxygen (O2) in a truly dissolved state into a diverse number of waste streams at a small fraction of the cost of conventional aeration methods. Form more information on the PrO2 please click here

  2. NRM Attends PFAS: Life Cycle, Regulations & Solutions May 23, 2019

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    Chip Tokar had recently attended the PFAS in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. While their he attended workshops where they discussed the history, chemistry, sampling techniques and current treatment options of PFAS, as well as developing regulatory proposals throughout the country. Over 4,700 PFAS (per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances) exist in the world today. Many PFAS transform into highly persistent perfluorinated chemicals in the environment. Short-chain PFAS tend to be more water soluble and move more easily through soil to contaminate ground-water, surface water or drinking water.

  3. Employment Opportunity for an Environmental, Health and Safety Specialist

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    NRM is interviewing qualified individuals to fill an Environmental, Health and Safety Specialist position. Candidates will be considered based upon their knowledge and experience of environmental, health and safety programs. Candidates must be knowledgeable in environmental and safety regulatory agencies and compliance in the mining, asphalt production, cement and lime productions and concrete batch plant industries. Candidates must be knowledgeable in how to respond to emergency situations when they arise.

    Click here for the job description.

  4. NRM attends 2018 Annual Michigan Aggregates Association Conference February 6-8

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  5. Study Featured in Water World

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  6. NRM To Present Findings on Supplemental Dissolved Oxygen Delivery At A Wastewater Treatment Plant

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    Chip Tokar will present the findings from a recent demonstration for the injection of dissolved oxygen at the Genesee County Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant at the water wastewater equipment treatment and transport show (WWETT) on February 24, 2017 in Indianapolis, IN.

  7. New UAV Acquired for Aerial Surveys

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    NRM now utilizes the ebee UAV to provide professional mapping services including orthomosaic two dimensional and three dimensional topographic maps. NRM can provide aerial mapping using standard RGB (red green blue) images or in NIR (near infrared) imagery to conduct stockpile volume measurements, cut and fill measurements, provide construction progress updates and various application for the agricultural industry.

    Contact us for more information or a to talk about your specific project and how we may assist you.